Pernigotti: a world of chocolate

It’s only starting with an accurate selection of raw material that you can obtain highly qualitative products. At Pernigotti we know it well and our ingredients for gelato are dedicated to the production of a wide range of excellent chocolate gelato.

We have selected only the very best variety of cocoa coming from equatorial forests to manufacture 5 unique Mono-origin products for dark chocolate gelato.

Santo Domingo is a perfectly balanced bitter chocolate with a hint of of vanilla; Ecuador features a touch of cinnamon; Perù has an intense character with its slightly spicy taste; Săo Tomé is made of fine cocoa and a has a coffee aftertaste; Cuba Stracciatella is the perfect union between crunchy chocolate and a natural vanilla flavour.

Apart from the mono-origin chocolate flavours we also have a world of “classics” to satisfy the needs of our customers’ base.

The Cioccolato Fondente flavour, with its acid note, recalls the authentic chocolates of the past. For those who love intense and strong flavours, Pernigotti offers Extra Nero Fondente. As a complete base for dark chocolate gelato Fondente Fast offers great results.

We cannot miss Cioccolato Bianco (white chocolate) flavour and Cioccolato al Latte (milk) flavour. Finally, Gran Cacao is a pre-balanced ready-to-use product that is particularly rich in Pernigotti cocoa.

A whole world of chocolate for you!